Key Changes in
World Handicap System (WHS)

Will be implemented January 6, 2020


Handicap Index will be based on 8 (of the last 20) scores instead of 10

              Most Indexes will see only a small change


Course Handicaps will now be based on Par instead of Course Rating

               Most Course Handicaps will change

                       Green Tee Players            -2  (72 minus 69.6)

                       White Tee Players             -4  (72 minus 67.8)

                       Gold Tee Players               -7  (72 minus 64.6)


The maximum score on any hole is now NET DOUBLE BOGEY

               Same for everyone no matter your handicap

               Replaces Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

               Net Double Bogey = Par + 2 Strokes + Any Handicap Strokes


Handicaps will be updated DAILY

               You MUST post your score the day you play


Playing Conditions Calculation

               Done automatically each night

               Statistical algorithm based entirely on scores posted that day

               Can automatically increase or decrease posted scores 


Handicap increases are capped

                Done automatically 


Exceptional Score Reduction

                Any exceptionally low score will have a greater impact on handicaps than 
                it has in the past


More Information on WHS

                 Additional information about the WHS and the changes it will cause can be 
                 found here on the WHS Resource Page

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