From USGA Handicapping Reference Guide

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The following are acceptable scores and must be posted for handicap posting purposes:

• Post scores from home or away golf courses

• Post scores when at least seven holes are  played in accordance with the
  Rules of Golf (7-12 holes are posted as a 9-hole  score; 13 or more are posted   as an 18-hole score)  

• Post scores made in an area observing an active season  

• Post scores on all courses with a valid USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating  

• Post scores when playing two nines, even if it is the same nine, or nines from
  different days. Simply combine the nines into an 18-hole score. Add each
  nine-hole USGA Course Rating and average the Slope Ratings of the two nines

• Post scores in all forms of competition: match play, stroke play, and team 
   competitions where players play their own ball  

• Post scores played under the Local Rule of “preferred lies”  

• Post scores when a player is disqualified from a competition but still has an
  acceptable score for handicap purposes (e.g., failure to sign a score card).  

The following are unaccpetable scores and must not be posted for handicap posting purposes:

• Do not post scores where fewer than seven holes are played.

• Do not post scores made on a golf course in an area in which an inactive
   season established by the authorized golf association is in effect  

• Do not post scores when, as a condition of the competition, the maximum
  number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for
  example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs  

• Do not post scores when scores are made on a course with no USGA Course
  Rating and Slope Rating  

• Do not post scores when a player uses non-conforming clubs,
   non-conforming balls, or tees; or when a player incurs a
   second breach of Rule 14-3.  

• Do not post scores when a player plays alone

• Do not post scores when a player ignores one or more Rules of Golf
  (i.e. when
   you cheat) and fails to post an adjusted hole score as required
  under Section 
 4-1 and 4-2, or fails to record the appropriate penalty for a
  breach of rule.  
For example, if a player anchored the club while making a
  stroke during a 
round and did not record a penalty for doing so (see Rule
  14-1b), the score
 would not be reflected as playing under the Rules of Golf
  and therefore would 
 be unacceptable for handicap purposes.