Member Information

Every week when you check-in to play at the MGA check-in station there will be a sign-up sheet available for the next week.  

You can also call the Pro Shop at 386-986-4653 (option 1) and ask them to add your name to the sign-up list for the upcoming Wednesday.  

We need you to sign-up before 12:00 PM on Monday to accomodate our pairing process.  Sign-ups after 12:00 PM Monday will be handled on an as available basis

In addition to your weekly green fee, you will pay $5 cash at the check-in desk.  

The majority of that fee is used to pay the weekly awards.  

Any money not paid out in weekly awards is retained in the Treasury to finance the quarterly business meetings/luncheons.

You MUST check-in at the MGA check-in station before 8:00 AM.

If you have not checked in by 8:00 AM and you still wish to play you will be required to pay a $5 late fee and you will need the approval of the Tournament Director.  In some cases, it may not be possible to accomodate you.

If you have a credit card on file with the pro shop you do not have to wait in line to pay your green fees.  The pro shop will charge your credit card as long as you have checked-in at the MGA check-in station.

We will make every effort to accomodate your guests.  They will only have to pay a $1 entry fee .

Guests are not eligible to particpate in the weekly event.  They can play along with you but they are not eligible to win any awards.

There are a couple of weeks during the year, such as during our Match Play Tournament, where your guest may not be able to play in the same foursome as you.

As a member of the PHMGA you are expected to:

Conduct yourself wit personal integrity and respect for others in keeping with the tenets of golf.

Know the Rules of Golf according to the USGA.  You should have been provided with a Rules of Golf Handbook when you paid your membership fee.  

Know the Local Rules that govern PHMGA events.  A copy of our Local Rules can be found here.  We strongly urge you to learn them.  It will be to your benefit.

Ensure you score is correctly recorded.  Your score will be kept each week by the Captain of your foursome.  It is your responsiblity to ensure that your score for each hole is recorded correctly and that your score is totaled correctly.  You will be required to sign your scorecard each week to indicate your approval of your score.

Post your adjusted gross score in the GHIN system in a timely fashion and in accordance with USGA Handicap guidelines.

Our members play from the Green, White, and Gold tees depending on their age and their handicap.  The requirements for each tee are:

Green Tees(6016 yards)

* Members under the age of 60 OR
* Members over the age of 60 that wish to play from the

   longer Green Tees

White Tees (5507 yards)

* Members over the age of 60   OR
* Members under the age of 60 AND a Handicap of 30 or

   higher   OR
* Members whose AGE plus HANDICAP equal 80

   or higher

Gold Tees (4945 yards)

* Members over the age of 75   OR
* Members under age 75 AND Handicap of 30

   or higher  OR
* Members whose AGE plus HANDICAP equal 95

   or higher

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