Member Orientation

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1.) Basic Facts about the MGA Basic Facts
2.) Lesson: Quick Overview of some of the key features of our website Navigate our Website
3.) What the PHMGA expects of its Members Member Responsibilities
4.) In addition to following the USGA Rules of Golf, we have some local rules that we use. We strongly urge you to learn and understand these Local Rules PHMGA Local Rules
5.) Lesson: How to Sign up Online to play in an MGA event Online Sign Up
6.) Check In Policy - check in on time or you could incur a late fee, or even a no show fee if you don't show up PHMGA Check In Policy
7.) Pace of Play Policy - no one likes slow play. Here is how we manage the pace of play PHMGA Pace of Play Policy
8.) Score Posting Policy - we adhere to USGA guidelines for score posting. Learn how you can avoid incurring penalties. PHMGA Score Posting Policy
9.) Lesson: Learn how you can use our website to see who won your flight and how your score was calculated hole by hole Checking Results
10.) Schedule of Events - check out the weekly schedule of events for the entire year - including links to the rules of the game for each week MGA Calendar of Events
11.) View Pairings - see who you are playing with and which tee you will be starting on View Pairings for this week
12.) Lesson: Learn how we operate our league without handling cash, how to make a deposit to your account, how to view your account balance Understanding Cash Free Operations
13.) PHMGA Member Tee Criteria - explains how the MGA determines which tee members can play from Which Tee Can I Play?
14.) COVID-19 Policy - explains how we want everyone to handle a potential or actual COVID-19 situation COVID-19 Policy